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Despite all of the controversy and pushback from both politicians and school administrators, she was driven by the stories she’d heard from friends about everything from sexual assault to not knowing where to find birth control. So Rader–who has since graduated and is now pursuing her Master’s in Global Health at the University of California, San Francisco–created Hookup, an app that aims to make sex ed fun and engaging with the goal of getting teens to actually use it.


The project is being implemented with support from the UNESCO Kingston cluster office for the Caribbean.We are committed to honesty in our responses to questions, because honesty is a critical concern for young people,” she added.She explained that the web platform would have integrated social media capabilities, including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Whatsapp as well as video content support services.CSB is a not a well-established diagnosis as it does not have a formal, universally accepted, definition.

It has been described as the inability to control the sexual urges, behaviour or thoughts, often with negative consequences for the individual concerned.

What sets Hookup apart from other online resources, according to Rader, is that its primary approach is to be fun, not some educational tool that feels like homework.



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