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Compliment her sturdy shoes and sensible hair style.

Compare her positively to other women who are gaudy and tasteless, “over the top”. Pick a moderately priced restaurant and pay for everything, making sure it is within your means. Plan ahead for gas and essentials – she’s screening for a good provider, a good planner, someone who’s serious about getting his act together.

Progression of Relationship: The relationship will go slowly as each one tests for the other’s sincerity.

Dating is considered important by both because it is building a foundation, something Taurus and Capricorn understand very well.

Everything I did twice, she gave me two chances too.

Even if they fight and separate, they will still stand together against the world.

She is waiting for him and “it” to stand the test of time. When they marry, this kind of conservative sex builds a trustworthy foundation and allows them to feel a little superior to people who are tempted to various unimaginable excesses (oh, my! They are so stuffy about this that sooner or later one of them is bound to fall off the wagon.

This kind of relationship makes the Taurus man particularly vulnerable to a .

Degree of Marriage: There could hardly be a more compatible match for marriage.

Each wants so badly to marry, they may marry quite young. They are likely to have religious training that encourages them to be conservative.

She will want all the stuff she’s accumulated for the house and the house, too.



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