Accomodating female definition

In short, though modern medicine claims to be gender neutral, we are all aware that patients, including many physicians, are not.

The issue has been mostly resolved for women with the entry of large numbers of women into medicine.

My urologist recognizes that his patients are frequently embarrassed when female assistants aid him on procedures.

Yet the office makes no concerted effort to employ men, who are more difficult to obtain.



Institutions are in a partial bind when it comes to hiring as gender is a protected federal class and equal employment laws need to be followed.Study questionnaires on this topic have to be filled out in private; frank answers will not be obtained if questions are asked by women.Hospitals routinely make no effort at all to respect gender preferences.Nearly all physicians were men and nurses were women. Male physicians felt entitled to see all comers and present day women physicians feel the same.


We are of course all trained to treat both men and women and hope patients feel the same. The clearest example of preferences is in obstetrics and gynecology.

Now that women are 90% of residents in training women have adequate choice in most localities and they do indeed express themselves.


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