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The treatment aims to build parents’ skills in parenting and address their substance use, while promoting stability through housing, employment, and other supports. Learn More Principal Investigator: Jacqueline Bruce, Ph. f MRI Study of Inhibitory Control is designed to examine children’s behavioral performance and brain activation during an inhibitory control task. Learn More Principal Investigator: Joann Wu Shortt, Ph. Project HOME will develop and pilot an emotion-focused intervention to support incarcerate mothers as they leave prison and reunite with their children in the community Learn More Principal Investigator: Philip Fisher, Ph. A collaboration between the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians and OSLC toward the development, implementation, and evaluation of a family-based, culturally competent preventive intervention for families enrolled in a tribal Head Start Program. The enormous potential of these young people and the tough challenges faced by foster and kinship parents inspired the development of the KEEP model.

Learn More Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Letourneau, Ph. This project will conduct statistical analyses and assist in the preparation of manuscripts using data from a recently completed trial of an adolescent substance abuse intervention.

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However, the impact of IPV exposure on children’s adjustment has shown substantial variability.


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