Airport layover dating

So Axe spray — the industry leader in satisfying a need no one really thought needed to be satisfied — commissioned a study in 2007 with Sperling’s Best Places to rank America’s biggest airports by likeliness to produce a romantic connection.

Their metrics include variables such as length of layovers and delays (which promote interaction, obviously) and cute shops and places to interact (beer gardens and magic shops).

(: Worst Airports for Connections) Bigger airports also were the most popular for all the reasons most other travelers would dislike them: They have lousy on-time departure records.

But they make up for that by having more restaurants and bars.

And when travelers have a lot of time to drink and meet, anything can happen.

Meet At The surveyed its 60,000 members to come up with the top five airports for hooking up.

Perhaps an integration with Facebook or another larger platform would help more travelers connect. There may be plans to charge a membership fee in the future, so I’d recommend downloading now if it’s something you think you’ll want to use in the future.

I know which one I prefer," says Steve Pasternack, CEO and founder of Meet At The That means single travelers have more time to mingle.

For some people, picking someone up at the airport has a different meaning.

On the North Miami-based Meet At The, travelers can find other people who want to grab a drink or coffee during a long wait or layover at an airport.

This airport got the top spot because it has 54 restaurants, bars and other social amenities.

The on-time departure rate has hovered around 81 percent to 83 percent the last two years. But what really put it over the top is that it's got an on-site Hyatt Regency Hotel within the main terminal that bills itself as "much more than just a place to stay before a flight." The hotel offers a convenient day room rate for travelers just passing through. Many Airport Hotels Offer Day-Room Rates) Miami International Airport.Wondering how to meet new people this holiday season? Let us know if this squares with your own experiences.


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    Just select "Take Me Private" when you want to try that feature — the results of spending time together that way can be amazing!

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    So when Hinata's family moved back to the countryside, well, nobody said Kuroko couldn't join him. Tsuna was eleven when he was hit by a car and walked away from the incident unscathed.

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