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I totally understand anybody feeling apprehensive or shy before contacting me. In fact, many clients tell me they felt a combination of excitement and apprehension before we met. I will be controlling you obviously, but you will not be ‘out of control’ (if that makes sense) You will not be hurt or marked in any way and there will be no nasty surprises, unless that is what you want.. I am particularly interested in being humiliated and embarrassed.

At the beginning of the session we will clarify any prior requests so we are both clear. She makes him tell her his secret desires and mocks them as she makes him submit utterly to her. She puts him in her sexiest stockings, makes him bend over a chair and, after making him wait like that while she lectures him on his transgressions, canes his bare bottom. Respectfully yours, ‘For a novice, taking the first step to visit a Mistress is quite foreboding and the temptation to ‘bottle out’ is always there, especially as the appointed hour descends upon you. This really helped for a terrific role play in which she demonstrated real perception and an innate ability to hit the right buttons. On my way to her my nerves were jangling, butterflies in my stomach. I just knew I needed to quell that inner burning desire, the one that follows me where ever I go. Davenshaw’s beauty only managed to increase my nervousness! I would love to tell you all what happened during the session, but that’s for Miss. Suffice to say I am already planning my next visit- I can’t wait.’- ‘The first thing to say is that if there are any novices out there considering visiting a mistress I would have no hesitation in recommending Miss Davenshaw.


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