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Let that inform how you move forward with someone who makes you feel benched.

A layby (pronounced lay-by, not lay-bee) is similar to the shopping term layaway.

The other possible cause of this type of behavior is a subconscious belief that only people who don't want you are worth having.

You know that friend you have who is always dating someone (or several someones) and always seems to be unhappy with how things are going?It really just means waxing poetic about your relationship drama and hoping it comes across and sensitive and soulful rather than whiny and self-pitying. As a reaction against the ever-more techno-centric dating landscape, more and more daters are kicking it old-school.This could mean anything from rejecting online dating altogether and challenging themselves to make IRL meet-cutes happen to going tech-free on dates (meaning, keep your phone on you, because, safety first, but put it on airplane mode or silent).Just remember, if someone will do this to their current partner with you, they'd just as soon do it to you with someone else.


So, you met somebody who seemed really into you and you started off a bit ambivalent.

Say you experienced the slow fade from an ex, and then, months or years later, you notice they're liking your Instagram photos a lot, or commenting on your status updates, or—God forbid—adding you as a Linked In connection.


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