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In return for his party making him PM, he agreed not to assert his favoured positions.

This indicated that he didn’t really believe in what he had promoted, that he would sacrifice his beliefs for personal gain or that he didn't have the persuasion skills to change his party's viewpoints and actually lead.

The carnivals provide a great experience for all children involved and promote team-building and support.

Australia's prime ministers have been quite an eclectic bunch.

With these traits, he had a great talent for tearing people down.

While such traits are valued in football crowds, they are not suitable for a prime minister.

Each of the three possibilities demonstrated a character flaw of someone who was not fit to be PM.


For this reason, it is worth knowing what values a prime minister has lived by in his or her personal lives, as well as the policies he or she implemented to regulate the affairs of Australian society.As a leader, Keating was a travesty and the polarised society he created is yet to be reconciled.If only Keating had liked sport, he might have been able to reserve his adversarial tongue for the big game and then pursued consensus building in parliament, like Hawke.Furthermore, while the apathetic voters may be easy come, they are also easy go and may easily seek an alternative government once a PM's haircut starts looking boring.

VERDICT Turnbull had a stated position in favour of an Australian republic, a carbon trading scheme and gay marriage.As a consequence, Keating divided Australia, alienated Asia, and eventually alienated a majority of Australian voters.


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