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PHP comes with a full-featured file and directory manipulation API that allows you (among other things) to view and modify file attributes, read and list directory contents, alter file permissions, retrieve file contents into a variety of native data structures, and search for files based on specific patterns.

this file manipulation API is both powerful and flexible - two characteristics that will endear it to any developer who's ever had to work with file manipulation commands.

When you're a programmer forced to also be your own sysadmin, that's very attractive. It contains a variety of resources for PHP, My SQL, Post Gre SQL, Apache, including scripts, programs, applications, tutorials, hints and tips, web hosting, publications and documentation.

Timesheet/Timetracking organizer/scheduler using PHP and My SQL, can manage workers, projects, and companies, logging every-day come- and go-times, contracted hours, overtime, workspace and project-hours, attendance-time, holidays, create reports.

Features real-time MP3/OGG streaming from different audio formats.

php Loan Calc uses template, and it can easily change its appearance for seamless integration with website. It supports more than 18 types (linechart, piechart, barchart, radarchart, curves , gauges, 3D charts, Candlestick, areacharts) and combinations of them.Supports a wide variety of audio formats, has several language translations, randomization features, private and shared playlists, ID3 and Ogg tags and image management.Web-based Winamp/http Q media jukebox offering a number of features including the ability to play music and video from any computer in a network.With Instant articles, publisher can create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.

In addition to this, Instant Article is a great way to monetize article. It uses Javascript, PHP and My SQL to process web statistics.You'll see how use the Nu SOAP library to write a simple PHP Web service server and client in the first part of the article.


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