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In early 2014 the Bakerloo, Piccadilly, Central and Waterloo & City line rolling stock replacement project was renamed New Tube for London (NTf L) and moved from its feasibility stage to the design and specification stage.The proposal introduces fully automated trains and signalling to increase capacity on the Piccadilly, Central, Waterloo & City and Bakerloo lines between 20.The fully automated trains may not have drivers, Transport for London are planning to issue an Invitation to Tender at some point potentially for up to 27 new trains for the Jubilee and Northern lines.Tf L want up to 10 trains for the Jubilee line and up to 17 trains for the Northern line (5 for the extension to Battersea and 12 to increase frequencies).The District Railway used electric locomotives on electrified underground lines that were exchanged for steam locomotives to continue over unelectrified track.Ten were built in 1905, and these operated in pairs, initially used to haul London and North Western Railway passenger trains on their Outer Circle route between Earl's Court and Mansion House.New trains are designed for the maximum number of standing passengers and for speed of access to the cars.


Similarly Metropolitan Railway electric locomotives were used with conventional carriage stock.Carriages were introduced in the later years of the 19th century that gave a better ride quality, steam heating, automatic vacuum brakes, electric lighting and upholstered seating in all classes.


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