Buryat dating

Price does not include: accommodation in the hotel, medical insurance, additional services. Place of visiting: Atsagat village, 50 km far from Ulan-Ude city Time of visit: all year round Duration: 5 hours Comment: the tour is made for group of tourists, guests of Buryatia and individual tourists.

Additionally paid for a person in your choice accommodation in Ulan-Ude for 1 night in Twin standart room, with breakfast, rub: Baikal stories In the tour, you will meet powerful Baikal Lake, listen to wonderful legends about Baikal and visit ancient Goryachinsk resort. Tour programme In any time you will start the tour to Atsagat .

Stop at the Omuliovka Mountain and enjoy the view of the River Selenga valley.

Visiting local museum with unique ethnographical documents and exhibits of Old-believers and local people. Introducing Tarbagatai village, where the Old-believers live for 250 years.

Return to Ulan-Ude to the hotel Meal included: lunch Price for one tourist for 4 day, rub: Day 5 One of the most interesting and fun excursions - "Steppe Nomad. Arrival to Atsagat datsan ( the only datsan in Buryatia, where 7 Khambo lamas came out of).

A local guide will take you through the ritual circle - "Goro", which is a mandatory rite of honoring local traditions, will lead to inside of the datsan, where you can take unique photos of 1000 Buddhas who have an exciting story of saving them till now.

Near the lake Spaso–Preobrazhenskii Posolsk Men Monastery rises.


Visit the ancient Buryat yurt, where you will see how the Buryats lived in ancient times.Visit to the Museum – House of Aghvan Dorzhiev, with the only in Eastern Siberia wax figures of the Buddhist hierarchy and a copy of the Atlas of Tibetan medicine, the guide will tell about the fascinating life of the famous Buddhist scholar, philosopher and diplomat Aghvan Dorzhiev.After lunch in the cafe moving to tourist complex "Steppe Nomad", where guests are greeted by the locals in traditional costumes with ancient ritual "Ugtamzha" (Meeting) with melodious song and words of welcome, an honorary guest is awarded with "Hadak" - a symbol of the hospitality of the Buryat people and white food , a symbol of prosperity and purity of thought.Evening return to Ulan-Ude, in the city center or to the hotel Meal is not included.


Price for one tourist for 3 day, rub: Day 4 The day is devoted to the most popular tour to Tarbagatai village, “Visiting Old-Believers” (40 km, 1 hour).

Their colorful log houses with painted casing give special flavor to the unique village. For lunch, you will try the Old - believer’s dishes.



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