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As to exerting influence on the Executive Board: UReka tends to be much more supportive of the Executive Board’s policies than CC so they have far less to lose by walking out.CC have accused UReka of being irresponsible, betraying its voters and giving the Executive Board free reign!In both cases they would represent the Council, only its opinion would be more pluralistic. Evidently, UReka did not feel well represented and so they started their boycott.


So we initially objected to a strong opinionated chairman, but eventually gave in because we had no real choice. If you decide to have an independent (external) chairperson, they should be a mediator only.On the one hand the chairperson must be independent when mediating between council members, between the council and the Executive Board and when representing the council.On the other hand the chairperson is a political operative, usually being a senior member of the largest party (due to their experience) whose interests he also has to serve.This simply means that UReka thinks they have less to gain inside the Council than outside of it. Go watch Thank You For Smoking and learn that if you argue correctly, you are never wrong.

UReka may have miscalculated, but those are the facts. :)Basically, Campussy supports a third ‘Campussy Way’.A site can receive a red warning if, for example, it links too aggressively to other red sites.


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