Can a professor get fired for dating a student


After the investigation finished, Escobedo wrote a letter to colleagues — outing the names of witnesses and alleged victims — in which he said they had multiple opportunities to move away from him, yet they didn’t.

Adams and Hempstead told investigators they feared that if they more forcefully rejected Escobedo, he could retaliate when giving them their final grades.

Most of the gin and tonics Susanna Hempstead and Christine Adams drank on Dec.

3, 2015, were paid for by their Ohio University English literature professor, Andrew Escobedo.

“You better not tell anyone, either,” he allegedly replied.

Adams and Hempstead reported Escobedo to Ohio University in March 2016, and in December, the school’s civil rights office issued a graphic 78-page report that not only substantiated their claims but also those of two other women alleging sexual harassment by Escobedo dating back to 2003.

Now Adams and Hempstead are questioning whether tenure, a system they both believe in as it safeguards intellectual freedom, has actually hamstrung how universities like theirs deal with sexual harassment cases."It shouldn't have to take two women being sexually assaulted in the same night, in full view of their colleagues, for our school to address this problem," Adams told Buzz Feed News.

"If this isn't enough to fire someone in an expedient manner, what is?

She says she asked him not to tell anyone what had occurred, fearful it would hurt her reputation in the English department.Adams and Hempstead, then 26 and 23, respectively, say Escobedo, then 48, rubbed their crotches, grabbed their buttocks, slid his hand under their shirts, and rubbed up against them under the tables where they sat crowded together — allegations corroborated by several witnesses who spoke to university investigators.


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