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We will then continue on to Niagara Falls, NY where we will view the nighttime Illumination of the Falls.In the morning, we will ride the Hornblower Niagara Cruise see an IMAX Movie and ascend the Skylon Tower.So bookmark this page and keep checking back with us if you don't see the dates you're looking for.We also recommend you sign up for Take Tours's monthly email newsletter, in order to stay on top of the latest deals & travel news.We took 4-day Niagara fall, Toronto, Ottawa, thousand islands, and Montreal tour. Our tour guide was Wang who was very helpful and very patience. More We went on this trip on the week of sept 18-21. Our tour guide was Lay, he explained everything in both English and Chinese. More We're constantly adding new departures dates and times, as they're made available to Take Tours by our local suppliers.In some cases our suppliers have not yet confirmed their future schedules.

Notice of cancellation must be made directly to Taketours by email or through web mail at Contact Us .

Tour Cancellation: We reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any tour departure in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control.

If cancellation is made any time prior to departure* of the tour, Taketours' only liability will be to refund to the passenger the amount it has received for the tour booking. Please note that we are not liable for any cancellation penalties incurred on any other travel arrangements including air tickets purchased separately from customers.

Here's the link: contact with us at any time should you have further questions.

Taketours Customer Service Team Unfortunately the Language are professional bi- or multi-lingual tour and/or driver guides (English/Chinese). is_support=1&view_id=52355&page=1&search_keywords=visa&support_search=1Thanks for your inquiry. I am sorry to tell you that there is no schedule for January, 2013 for this tour.Cancellations and Cancellation Fees Regardless of reason, cancellations result in costly charges from our travel and hotel providers covering penalties and fees incurred by canceling confirmed and pending bookings.


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