Cancer men and dating

The legendary memory of a Cancer guy will find expression on long winter evenings of family stories before a crackling fire or around the large dinner table groaning under dishes of every kind.If you feel this is exactly your idea of what a perfect evening is, go for the man by all means.The very quality that makes your Cancerian lover so thoughtful of your feelings makes him overemotional too.This is a guy who is likely to be upset over minor things and draw into a shell.Bearing the sign of the Crab, Cancerians are legendary for their emotional sensitivity and homely nature.And these are only two of the many qualities which make for a fulfilling relationship with a Cancer man.Despite being gentle and quick to help others, a Cancer man can also be tenacious and strong-willed.Once having taken a decision, he is most likely to insist on having his way and may not even be above using a little emotional manipulation to do so.

He will reappear when he is ready to and not before that.The cautious nature of a Cancerian rules out any extravagance or unnecessary expenditure.While this trait may seem to border on the miserly sometimes, especially when he passes by the solitaire section to buy you a string of pearls, it is a sign of his careful and domestic nature.It is this streak that makes Cancerians masters of passive resistance.

So despite their kindly and solicitous nature, the few people who have unsuccessfully tried to pry open their shell know that they can be reserved and secretive too.However remember that he may have a tendency of worrying too much about his family or smothering them with excessive attention. A Cancer man is a lover of many things and not the least of them is nature.


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