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Australian scientist and filmmaker Chadden Hunter followed his own yellow brick road to India and encountered all three of these top predators, and had close calls with two of them, during his work on Planet Earth II - the acclaimed sequel to David Attenborough's seminal Planet Earth series.Chadden certainly wasn't in Oz any more as he walked through India's Kaziranga National Park, home to the tallest grass on the planet, which can grow up to half a metre in a day, unsure if a tiger or rhinoceros was just metres away."We have a lot of quite intimate stories (on Planet Earth II) because we're going for an immersive look.We want to take you in the footsteps with the animals, but every now and then I wanted to revisit the landscape and give people that sense of awe.



I thought I was going to be a biology teacher for a while, but when I discovered the power of television and how I could reach millions with my films - that was a real epiphany." As one of six episode producers on Planet Earth II, Chadden spent three and a half years exploring grassland habitats around the world.Planet Earth II brought Chadden back home, albeit briefly, to film termite mounds in the Northern Territory."I wasn't going to not find an Aussie story to do," he says."Kaziranga has the dubious honour of being the world's most dangerous national park," he tells Weekend.

"It has this really dense, impenetrable grass which is like seeing a wall of sugar cane.

After several years cutting his teeth on documentaries for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, Chadden got the call-up to work on the BBC's ground-breaking series Frozen Planet.


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