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The post Patrick Stewart cast as white supremacist in The Green Room appeared first on Flickering Myth. More romantic comedy antics featuring zombies arrives in the form of Life After Beth.I’m always a sucker for a film with a pun in the title, and that title should let you know that this isn’t a serious affair.


The romantic comedy with a little light-hearted zombie ex-girlfriend action thrown in stars Aubrey Plaza (' Safety Not Guaranteed'), Dane De Haan (' Chronicle'), Anna Kendrick (' Up in the Air'), John C.Reilly, Alia Shawkat (' Arrested Development'), Cheryl Hines (' Curb your Enthusiasm') and Molly Shannon and will land on DVD and Blu-ray 21 October. » Zach has a second chance at love, but it’s because his girlfriend, Beth, has come back from the dead.


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