Cloak and dagger dating service


"You mean, you would…" He could not finish it."Teach you Occlumency? "Do understand that most of the work will be on your part. I will have a hard time testing you because I'm not a very good Legilimens, but I suspect that won't be much of a problem as my head of house will test you in class when he sees you.


I could still make it a one-shot, but it would stretch the definition to the breaking point. Anything that looks like hers is, the rest is mine. Fortunately, he had already cast a Silencing spell on his shoes, so he noiselessly crept up to the next hallway to see and hear what was going on.

He was curious to know why Draco, along with his ever present two goons, appeared to be ganging up on one of their own.

Slytherins never fought each other, at least not in public."Leave me alone, Malfoy.

"Besides, after I've finished -- experiencing you -- you need never even remember, so nothing will happen to me."As Harry figured out what was going on, he was not sure if he was more sickened by the lustful sound of Malfoy's voice or the leering of his two followers.


No matter, he could not let this happen, even if it was to a Slytherin.

You do not want to do this." The tall statuesque golden blonde, known as Daphne Greengrass, or the Ice Queen to many, told the white-blond boy in front of her in her typical cold tone.


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