Dating antique mahogany tables


It is a faithful reproduction of an American antique dating to the last quarter of the 18th Century.

Height 27″; Diameter 21 1/2″.2 Available This table dates to the late 18th Century with its tripod legs that terminate in a spade foot.

Almost identical to the original Nicholas Brown example which sold for a record price of .4 million, this scarce and seldom seen Baker Furniture Company reproduction of John Townsend's tea table is one of the premier designs in all Newport furniture.

With its lovely tray top featuring a vigorously sculptured apron, this table rests on long, gracefully carved cabriole legs terminating in ball and claw feet. This Historic Newport reproduction of a Queen Anne style candle table features beautiful turnings on the center shaft with cabriole legs resting on pad feet.

This basin stand is an exact copy of an exceptionally refined New England antique dating to 1780.


It is fine furniture that makes a great addition to any room either fully opened or folded to tray size as shown. The center tray and legs are removable and the sides fold for convenient storage.It can be used as a tea table or occassional table in various room settings. This is a reproduction of a circa 1740 wash basin stand used for bathing in a bedroom.


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