Dating clock covered wagon

While alive, however, he took pride in relating his experiences with the wind-wagon.

Peppard's wind wagon was neither the first nor the last to traverse the Kansas prairie. Wornall of Westport carried a small group to a camp meeting.

In the grand literary style of the day, the correspondent wrote: The ship hove in sight about 8 o'clock in the morning with a fresh breeze from east, northeast.

It was running down in a westerly direction for the fort, under full sail, across the green prairie.

A novel device of the Kansas territorial period was the wind wagon, sometimes called a sailing wagon.

Several were built and in 1860 the press gave them considerable attention.

Along the westward-moving frontier, innovation and invention were requirements for survival and the early American settler was indeed a resourceful individual.

It is not surprising that in the latter half of the 19th century ways were sought and found to utilize the energy provided by that great natural resource of the prairie—the wind.

Peppard, undoubtedly, had a more ulterior motive in mind as on completion of the craft, he and his companions set out immediately for the Colorado goldfields.

Can't sing the praises of this motel high enough.

We got stuck in the snow leaving Lusk so went back to the motel, where they allowed us to fill ourselves on breakfast again, use the pool and sauna and gave us advice as to carrying on our road trip.

A fairly detailed and entertaining account of Peppard's journey over the prairie sea can be found at the Kansas Historical Society.

Although, not identified by name Peppard received some national notoriety when a correspondent of Leslie's Illustrated Magazine reported the arrival of the wind-schooner at Fort Kearney.

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