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"So, you like, have vagina cooties."We didn't have a second date for a few reasons.

In pop culture, there is a profound lack of out-and-proud bisexual male figures.

He’s loving, supportive, and way more sensitive than anyone you’ve ever met.

He’s almost the perfect companion for life, the kind of husband you’d want to have…

While there is greater visibility for lesbian and gay characters and even some for bisexual women, there are few bisexual men in popular culture — a glaring absence that isn't representative of the LGBT community as a whole, considering that one-third of LGBT men are bisexual, according to the , a think tank on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy.

This type of invalidation contributes to the vicious cycle that makes bisexual men less confident and comfortable about dating.

except there’s no sex, because there’s just no way he’d look at you in a sexual way.

Other than a few awkward pauses during our appetizers, I felt like the date was going well. Yet bisexual men are viewed with a level of distrust that's less common among bisexual women."I've never dated a bisexual man because I was very apprehensive to do so," Paul from New York told Since having learned more about bisexuals, Paul said he would likely date a bisexual man: because most bisexual men probably don't have as much sexual experience with other men, Paul said it would be "hot" to teach them a thing or two in bed.


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