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You can be wondering who your competition is, or even what about your background/ skills caused them to ask you back.

Either way, we encourage you to go on that second date or second interview to explore the potential match.

We aren’t saying it was easy, but you are officially in a relationship.

Now sometimes that change in status comes with a lovely conversation and discussion about feelings, other times it falls out of the mouth of your significant other, and you’re literally shocked.

Hopefully the offer is a good one, and you’re as excited as the first time you were called “the boyfriend/ girlfriend.”So if you’ve never thought about how much dating and interviewing actually have in common, hopefully after reading these four points, you can see why having someone in your corner like a recruiter can help you navigate it successfully.

Just like when you call your best friend after a bad date or a good date to get relationship/ dating advice, your recruiter will be there to talk you through all stages of your relationship with your interviewer.

However, you can wonder why they’re actually asking you out.

However, you’ve been glued to your phone and all you’re hearing is radio silence. Whether you’re waiting for that call about a third date or a second interview, it’s hard not to get impatient.

If you go into the interview feeling like you’re so wonderful that there’s no way this company deserves you, your interviewer will pick up on it.


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    This has lead to a growing host of Christians who no longer have a place to connect with other believers.

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    She said that her relationships with Indian men have been "really really bad".

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    As part of their newest storyline, Kidman became jealous of the attention Wilson began to give to fellow New Blood member Horace Hogan.

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    On the opening day of this year’s South by Southwest festival, in Austin, an audience gathered in a giant conference hall to remember the life and tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz.

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