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One in a long while, comes a show about guys who go Undercover and solve crimes.

Such is UC: Undercover, starring that guy from Homicide, and that guy from The Mummy, and The Mummy 2. Even though the term "Undercover" is listed twice in the title, I saw little of it in the one episode I've seen.

It had me thinking 'how do the renegade survivors lock the infected dogs up for next time once they've had their fun?

' Then there was the rather careless scene in which Alice falls asleep in the middle of the desert, at night and with the fire still burning – not smart considering the situation.

Although it takes on the matter of the pacing and the clarity of the action scenes, Resident Evil: Extinction is still guilty of one or two things.

The film actually begins in a manner than had me dreading it would be as bad as the previous two.

The enemies here are unspectacular and familiar and all the better for it; we get the feeling this is more of a survival film about the beasts and beings that would actually be out there rather than dumb scenes that try to impress us with a mentality: "Look, a Licker." or "Look, this is what Nemeses would look like in reality.".

While still out to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation, Alice joins a group of survivors living in a prison surrounded by the infected who also want to relocate to the mysterious but supposedly unharmed safe haven known only as Arcadia.


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