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“Agency labor advisor” means an individual responsible for advising contracting agency officials on Federal contract labor matters.“e98” means the Department of Labor’s approved electronic application (), whereby a contracting officer submits pertinent information to the Department of Labor and requests a Service Contract Labor Standards statute wage determination directly from the Wage and Hour Division. chapter 67; Service Contract Labor Standards; see and 29 CFR 4.130 for a partial list of services covered by the Service Contract Labor Standards statute.(b) Avoid the use or appearance of force and prevent incidents that might detrimentally affect labor-management relations. (b) In negotiating contracts, contracting officers should, consistent with the Government’s needs, attempt to -- (1) Ascertain the extent that offers are based on the payment of overtime and shift premiums and (2) Negotiate contract prices or estimated costs without these premiums or obtain the requirement from other sources.(c) When two or more agencies’ requirements are or may become involved in the removal of items, the contract administration office shall ensure that the necessary coordination is accomplished. (b)) that overtime will be required in contract performance, the contracting officer shall secure from the contractor a request for all overtime to be used during the life of the contract, to the extent that the overtime can be estimated with reasonable certainty.(e) The head of the contracting activity may designate programs or requirements for which it is necessary that contractors be required to notify the Government of actual or potential labor disputes that are delaying or threaten to delay the timely contract performance (see (a)).(a) Contractor labor policies and compensation practices, whether or not included in labor-management agreements, are not acceptable bases for allowing costs in cost-reimbursement contracts or for recognition of costs in pricing fixed-price contracts if they result in unreasonable costs to the Government.

(c) Strikes normally result in changing patterns of cost incurrence and therefore may have an impact on the allowability of costs for cost-reimbursement contracts or for recognition of costs in pricing fixed-price contracts.All costs incurred during strikes shall be carefully examined to ensure recognition of only those costs necessary for performing the contract in accordance with the Government’s essential interest.(d) If, during a labor dispute, the inspectors’ safety is not endangered, the normal functions of inspection at the plant of a Government contractor shall be continued without regard to the existence of a labor dispute, strike, or picket line.(a) Items shall be removed from contractors’ facilities affected by work stoppages in accordance with agency procedures. chapter 67, Service Contract Labor Standards; (2) Contracting officers should contact the Wage and Hour Division’s regional offices when required by the subparts relating to these statutes unless otherwise specified.

Agency procedures should allow for the following: (1) Determine whether removal of items is in the Government’s interest. chapter 65, Contracts for Materials, Supplies, Articles, and Equipment Exceeding ,000; (v) 41 U. Addresses for these offices may be found at Appendix B 29 CFR 1.Normally the determining factor is the critical needs of an agency program. (1) The workweek does not exceed the norm for the area, as determined by local custom, tradition, or law; and (2) The hours worked in excess of 40 in the workweek are not compensated at a premium rate of pay.


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