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In addition to being an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, I maintain flexible hours and extremely competitive rates.

So please contact me if you are ready to begin your new health and fitness regimen.

While you can input responses such as “I care very much for my Jaehee,” the other players tend to respond with, “Oh, you two must be good friends!

Whether players receive a “good ending” or “bad ending” is determined by their choices.

Online training sessions on the Code of Conduct continued in 2015, with the purpose of bringing the Code closer to all employees.

68% of employees have adhered to the Code and 62% have completed the training course.

I believe your health and physical improvement are my first priority.

I promise to do my job in the gym, and, if you want results, you will have to do your part outside the gym.

They are a time to focus on yourself and the positive atmosphere in which you are in.


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