Dating someone online different country

As I deplane with my carry-on (packing for a first blind date weekend in another city is a different article) and exit the revolving doors that dump me out onto the arrivals curb, I am beyond nervous.

But before I have time to soil myself, a car pulls up.

Sure, long distance isn't ideal, but in my head, I'm thinking, To keep things on equal footing, we agree to meet in Austin, Texas, where neither of us lives.

When I tell my friends I've bought my plane ticket, they are a mix of "You go, girl" and "You should not go, girl; you'll get I'm about to let a strange man from the Internet pick me up at the airport, and I am Completely Vulnerable.

Be open to options though because you will never know who your ideal match is until you meet them. Through, the largest online dating website in Australia, you can meet singles today. Do you want to find someone within your age bracket and with similar interests? So we make it easy for you to talk to as many people as you like – message them, wink at them, chat to them… We can help you with all that, but first you have to sign up to our free dating site.


I used to feel like I was just an unlucky dater, but now I think it's just the result of my wanting to find Mr.And there he is, exactly as advertised, adorable in every way.


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