Dating wooden sewing thread spools


This is going to be more closely monitored this year. Political posts and posts insulting other posters will be removed. Somehow until then I was woefully ignorant of their very existence. How can I not have heard of this place earlier and what are spool cabinets?And to think that these cabinets were free store displays? It was dominated by various Scottish and English corporations who had quite a bit of experience in the field.I inherited hundreds of threads from Grandma and Nana, and buy old thread at op-shops whenever I see it.I estimate that 90% of my sewing is done with vintage thread, and I’ve never had a problem with it.My new crush might be my new thread cabinet but the love of my life is the man who gave it to me, my sweet husband. The Museum of Haberdashery* – a virtual, crowd-sourced collection of sewing equipment – needs your help.

All this combining of companies eventually led to lawsuits but that's a different story!

He found this gorgeous thread cabinet for me and was hiding it at his office for my Christmas present.


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