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A well-known drone company, Auto-Fly, and a major bicycle manufacturer, Trekker, have teamed up to make a self-driving bicycle. Imagine, the only obstacle to riding my old-fashioned bike is ... With the new drone-bike, I set my destination on my phone, hop on my bike, and pedal.

The new device has pedals and seat much like a conventional bike, but the steering and braking are handled by electronic and mechanical devices based on recreational drone technology. The bike navigates the streets…Sixty years ago, Helen Keller was given an honorary Oscar as inspiration for the movie Helen Keller in Her Story a documentary by Nancy Hamilton about her life; she turned 75 that year and had spent 6 decades fighting for those with vision loss.

We had a fine time in…Helen Keller reveled in nature.

Between jobs at the desk Polly and I have worked with our faithful Herbert to make our four acres shady in…Below is an excerpt from Helen Keller’s essay Three Days to See. Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the values of life.Back in March 2016 I received an email from a gentleman asking me about a house called Rest Haven in upstate New York.


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