Dog owner dating sites

Intelligent, fun-loving, hardworking and loyal, Airedale Terriers have a charming nature, a great spirit and a big heart. He is sweet of disposition, devoted to his owner but aloof with strangers.

Airedale Terriers make excellent companions and are good with children.

However as a member of the family, in common with many other hounds, he can be as ridiculous as any breed and absolutely devoted to his family.

The Afghan Hound comes from Afghanistan and there were originally two distinct types; the hounds bred in the mountains, who was shorter coupled and more heavily coated and the hounds bred on the plains, rangier with less coat.

If you want to send a note to a fellow dog lover you see on the site, you have to pay a membership, starting at a month.

The Hotdiggiddy app for Android smartphones is available for free at Google Play. Murray has a background in high tech from working for Kelowna-based search engine marketing company Enquiro years ago and tried his hand a pet-related website,

Singer Al Jolson coined the exclamation of delight “hot diggity dog” in 1928 after a performance of There’s a Rainbow Round My Shoulder.

Perry Como took Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom), a ditty about a being wowed by a particularly lovely lady, to No. Today, Kelowna’s Scott Murray is combining the nonsensical expression with the high-tech world to create the online dating site for dog lovers.“It’s a dating site with the twist that everyone using it loves dogs,” said Murray.“Having a dog and loving dogs gives people an instant common bond. So, if your dog likes someone, you’re likely to like them too.


It’s free to create your profile on the site and search for other dog lovers.

Do you want your possible mate to have the same breed of dog as you do?

Remember how Roger and Anita found love in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians because they both owned one of the unmistakable black-spotted dogs?

Considered to be very intelligent and easy to train, the Airedale Terrier is a determined dog so early obedience training will help make him an excellent family pet.


Airedale Terriers are very energetic and should be exercised daily.

Murray’s been married to Gail for 35 years, so he has no personal experience online dating.“However, she grew up with dogs and so did I and we have dogs now, so it definitely creates a common bond,” he said.


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