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Executing others’ ideas was a poor fit for the budding entrepreneur.

Deutsch stumbled around for six months and was even accepted at George Washington Law School.

That account paid 0,000 a year in fees, four times the size of their largest client at the time. By 1989, about five years later, billings at the agency had grown to million. "There’s something to be said when it’s all on the line, when it all depends on you," Deutsch says of his rise in confidence and success.

"It can be really rough; like the entrepreneur who struggles to pay the bills.

After all, doing the unexpected, the uncharted, the outrageous, is what the Deutsch brand personifies. At 26, he found his passion, his brand, finally unleashing his high-voltage personality and razor-sharp business acumen.


Lisa’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, who has repped Jocelyne Wildenstein and Carolyne Roehm, didn’t return calls. The Queens-born mogul – who celebrated his 50th birthday a year ago at the Time Warner Center with such friends as Michael J.Fox, Jeff Zucker and Star Jones – wed Stacy Josloff at the Plaza in 2001, but they split four years later.


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