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I'm eager to implement this into my game, I think that's what I'm gonna be working on this week, I'll edit this review if I find any problems but I don't think I will.Great asset and priced reasonably, I'd recommend this to anybody who's making a visual novel game or RPG.Like I said, the core works very well, but be ready to dive and adapt it properly for you needs. I believe I have purchased every dialogue system on marketplace that features a [questions/answers] system.Someare insanely overcomplicated, with tons of features, but somehow limiting (due to it's scale and complexity).It allows for nested branches, as well as Save/Load on trees. Although the update was a bit too late for me, I already took the time to dig into the code and rework it for my purposes.

From there, we made a second map to serve as the first 'town' of our quickly emerging adventure, with a simple row of townhouses and coins scattered around for eclectic decoration.

Inside the town we added another Event to have a precocious toddler pop up and proclaim "This is my house! The fact that we were able to add a decent amount of interactivity in just a few minutes with the game really speaks to the accessibility here.

There's even a pre-set palette of 'Easy Events' that let you drop in commonly used gameplay elements, which we used to add a health-restoring Inn to our overworld; all we had to do was choose whether we wanted a male or female innkeeper and set the price for a night's stay, from a nominal fee of 1 gold all the way up to a rather prohibitive 9999.

This one, on the other hand, is complex but coded to where it can be understood easily. I believe there's a comment for every line of code!

My only personal quibble is that you have to use the mouse to choose your "response." Seems to break the flow of the dialogue. For the price and the features that's included in this asset, you can't lose!Even with the option of easy drag-and-drop Events, there still looks to be plenty of from-scratch creative power under the hood.



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