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The total test time amounts to 1180 s with an average speed of 33.35 km/h.Sometimes the NEDC is also quoted at 1220 s, which includes the initial 40 s with the vehicle at standstill and combustion engine off.Welcome to DLT Trading, your foremost stop for engraved knives and high quality cutlery from around the world.DLT is the preeminent source for knife enthusiasts to find the best quality blades and personalized knives for any use: hunting, bushcraft, cooking, survival and of course gift giving.



The Extra-Urban Driving Cycle EUDC, introduced by ECE R101 in 1990, After a 20 s stop - if equipped with manual gearbox, in the 1st gear with clutch disengaged - the car slowly accelerates to 70 km/h in 41 s (manual: 5 s, 9 s, 8 s and 13 s in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears, with additional 3 × 2 s for gear changes), cruises for 50 s (manual: in the 5th gear [sic]), decelerates to 50 km/h in 8 s (manual: 4 s in the 5th and 4 s in the 4th gear [sic]) and cruises for 69 s, then slowly accelerates to 70 km/h in 13 s .However, to improve repeatability, they are generally performed on a roller test bench.This type of bench is equipped with an electrical machine to emulate resistance due to aerodynamic drag and vehicle mass (inertia).The test is conducted with all ancillary loads turned off (Air conditioning compressor and fan, lights, heated rear window, etc.) When the engine starts, the car pauses for 11 s - if equipped with a manual gearbox, 6 s in neutral (with clutch engaged) and 5 s in the 1st gear (with clutch disengaged) - then slowly accelerates to 15 km/h in 4 s, cruises at constant speed for 8 s, brakes to a full stop in 5 s (manual: last 3 s with clutch disengaged), then stops for 21 s (manual: 16 s in neutral, then 5 s in the 1st gear).

At 49 s, the car slowly accelerates to 32 km/h in 12 s (manual: 5 s in 1st gear, 2 s gear change, then 5 s in the 2nd gear), cruises for 24 s, slowly brakes to a full stop in 11 s (manual: last 3 s with clutch disengaged), then pauses for another 21 s (manual: 16 s in neutral, 5 s in the 1st gear).criticise the NEDC as being out-of-date and not being updated since 1997 – before hybrid cars and stop-start technology was generally available.



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