Emmerdale stars dating


She tells him that she won Machinist of the Year in 2007 and left her last job because of "inappropriate overtime" with a young manager.


Leyla says things without thinking, and I can do that too." He said "David seems to be under the thumb, and Leyla gets away with cheating, stealing and having a secret son.

Mary's Church Choir, which forms to enter a competition and save the church from closure.

Months after starting at the factory, her colleague Lily Butterfield (Anne Charleston) sees Leyla leaving the building late at night and arriving very early.

Everyone at Emmerdale has been so warm and welcoming.

It's such a well-established show and I can't wait to see what Leyla gets up to."Leyla is slightly ditzy but a fun loving, loyal girl.But David has been good enough to put that to one side, so because of that I reckon she must be the right girl for him." Discussing what caused the "bad blood" between Alicia and Leyla in an interview with Digital Spy, Anderson said, "All I can really say is that something has definitely gone on between them!



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