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(5) The FDIC may determine that the risk-based capital treatment for an exposure or the treatment provided to an entity that is not consolidated on the FDIC-supervised institution's balance sheet is not commensurate with the risk of the exposure or the relationship of the FDIC-supervised institution to the entity.

(4) If the FDIC determines that the total leverage exposure or the amount reflected in the FDIC-supervised institution's reported average total consolidated assets, for an on- or off-balance sheet exposure calculated by an FDIC-supervised institution under § 324.10 is inappropriate for the exposure(s) or the circumstances of the FDIC-supervised institution, the FDIC may require the FDIC-supervised institution to adjust this exposure amount in the numerator and the denominator for purposes of the leverage ratio calculations.

(iii) Each advanced approaches FDIC-supervised institution must make the public disclosures described in subpart E of this part.

1815(a), 1815(b), 1816, 1818(a), 1818(b), 1818(c), 1818(t), 1819(Tenth), 1828(c), 1828(d), 1828(i), 1828(n), 1828(o), 1831o, 1835, 3907, 3909, 4808; 5371; 5412; Pub. This security interest must provide the FDIC-supervised institution with a right to close out the financial positions and liquidate the collateral upon an event of default of, or failure to perform by, the counterparty under the collateral agreement. The FDIC will look to the substance of, and risk associated with, the transaction, as well as other relevant factors the FDIC deems appropriate in determining whether to require such treatment.


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