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Today, if you travel through Eritrea you see a water basin behind every village. We hope that the world will pick up on this opportunity and understand it. The afternoon featured cooking shows and free tasting sessions with Eritrean delicacies, this time at the Cereals and Tubers Cluster, with zighinì, shirò (pureed chickpeas), timtimo (pureed lentils), Eritrean bread..

Women no longer walk five, ten, twenty kilometres to get water, because now they have it just two hundred meters away. The event witnessed a surprisingly high visitor flow, especially on the part of Eritrean women: over one hundred of them participated wearing their typical dresses in white cotton, zuria and chiffon, a show within a show.

Where a government systematically uses forced labour and a corporation goes into business with that government, there is a significant risk the corporation will become complicit."Nevsun has repeatedly stated that none of the workers at Bisha, which started operations in 2011, were army conscripts and said it will "vigorously defend itself" against the lawsuit. But the former construction official, a citizen of another African country, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone that Eritreans conscripted into the military were forced to work at Bisha, 180 kms (110 miles) from the capital Asmara.

But human rights campaigners argue the open-ended programme - the average service lasts more than six years, according to a 2014 study - constitutes forced labour and thousands of Eritreans flee every year to avoid the draft.

Joe Fiorante, the lawyer representing alleged Eritrean victims, said Nevsun was negligent in partnering with Segen as the main sub-contractor building the mine from 2008 to 2010 and should pay damages under Canadian law.

But Nevsun, which runs only the Eritrea project, recently released an independent 70-page human rights audit stating that "national service workers are not permitted at the Bisha Mine" and that screening ensures subcontractors were not using conscripts.

A United Nations Commission of Inquiry in June this year also said it had found evidence during a year-long investigation that forced labour had been used in the construction of the Bisha mine under Eritrea's national service programme.

We have built large and small roads and dams, and wells too.” she explained to Jimmy Kimmel, who started laughing and basically didn’t stop until the tale ended six minutes later.


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