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At the risk of losing myself in a forest of hyperbole, I really can’t say enough god things about touring with Jason, his band and his crew.

A truly wonderful group of people, amazing music, wonderful audiences. The show last night in Millvale, PA, was a special one.

I wanted to post a quick blog update mainly to say “hello!

” to any people who are new to what I do, who have discovered me and the Sleeping Souls through this tour.

I’m happy to say that Lost Evenings won the Golden Welly Award for Best Independent Festival at the AIM Awards 2017.

So much work went into that weekend, it’s lovely to see it recognised. A limited number of season tickets (all 4 nights) go on sale tomorrow morning.


They do incredible work in raising awareness of an issue that, in 2017, really shouldn’t be a thing in the punk scene (or indeed anywhere). Blink had to cancel (through no fault of their own).

Once this run is done, I’ll be knuckling down to finish the new record, and there will be new music of some kind before the end of the year. I woke up this morning a little sad because the Blink-182 UK tour is over.

It has been an absolute blast, trundling round my home island with American friends old and new (shout out to the excellent Front Bottoms).

We played to a metric shit-ton of people and hopefully made a few new friends along the way.


Thanks to Blink / TFB / the crew / everyone who came out for the shows and made us welcome.The songbook comes digitally, on double CD, on 3x LP, and as part of a box set that includes vinyl, 2 DVDs (“Get Better” and the Show 2000 set) and unseen photos.


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