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The district later admitted 56,000 images of the students had been taken.

A newer version of the software has since been released which has this feature removed.

If a hacker can gain control of your webcam, your system has been successfully exploited, it is effectively now a bot, a slave of the attacker.

This means that the attacker can do anything on your system: access your private data, see anything you type as well as all the websites you visit.

We can start off by searching if the system even has a webcam or

The command below is used for that, it also returns us the name of the webcam. You can open up this file and check out what’s going on at the other end in a live video stream. In the above example, with just a few small commands we can peek into our victim’s webcam.

Particular models of TRENDnet cameras that have since been patched and are no longer sold (though thousands remain in use) were vulnerable to the degree that any sane person would find terrifying: you need only know the public IP address of the camera.




Remote Administration Tools (or RATs) are often installed in corporate environments to help upgrade, configure and track machines remotely.

We’ll take full control of the webcam, turn it on, get snapshots and even stream live video without anyone ever finding out.


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