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A week after I wrote that bit, I'm watching the teams of Survivor II running a race, yes, roped together at the waist. The Cast: See who made it through the torturous audition process.Meet the contestants and see some of their stories.This story borrows it's theme from the Survivor TV production, but is in no way connected with the show, with Castaway Productions, Survivor Inc, or the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).



Seven of the couples have introductory stories linked through their names. They live in Florida and Colleen works as a legal secretary, John as a tour guide. Brandi works as a graphic designer and Marsha is a librarian. THE MAJOR AND JANE: Retired Marine Major, Edwin Kilpatrick and his housekeeper, Jane, are from Texas. LISA AND MYKA: Lisa is a bartender and they live in Wyoming. Mistress is online, chatting with a few of her friends. I feel her shift forward to handle the mouse and I hear the clicks as she switches programs.Rich, the guy everyone loved to hate, walked off the island with a million bucks.I started writing another short story to clear my mind of, or for, Surviver.I took another camping trip in the fall, by myself this time. I finished off my other story, but all the while, Surviver was rolling around in the back of my mind. About that time I must have mentioned the project to Leviticus.

I'd come up with three challenge ideas for the shows, all three of which sucked.For his offering up the character of the Major, for his coming up with so many of the great and wacky challenges, and for his reading my rough text and making countless suggestions for changes and putting up with my whining and arguing about said changes, I offer my most sincere thanks.


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