High school basketball coach dating student

"From what we're hearing, there are a lot of these cases out there," said Kathryn Reith, assistant executive director of advocacy for the Women's Sports Foundation in East Meadow, L. "They are often hard to document, and people often aren't willing to go on record.

But this year we've gone from zero cases to at least two a month." The relationship between a coach and any student can be intense, often in a constructive manner that produces positive results.

Loren Seagrave was fired as a coach in 1989 after he spent the night in the same house with a woman on his track team at Louisiana State, although Seagrave denied having sexual relations with her.

Nancy Ota, a graduate fellow at Georgetown Law Center in Washington, D.

"Shared goals and shared ambitions is almost the definition of love.

But you can't act on it." The profession of coaching -- even the coaching of female athletes -- is a male bastion.

Touching between player and coach is sometimes necessary.



"There is a high probability of natural romantic feelings by female players toward male coaches," said Jim Loehr, a sports psychologist in Wesley Chapel, Fla., who is well-known in the tennis community.Y., coaching figure skaters like Elaine Zayak, the former world champion, and Amanda Ward, the national novice champion.



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