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Then we showed approximately 1,000 individuals a series of these manipulated profiles and asked them their interest in dating each person, whether they shared the individual’s values and whether the person was attractive to them.

We found that — even though politics is just one of several characteristics displayed in the profile — whether or not they shared politics with the person in the profile affected their level of interest in dating the person.

Our study can account for a restrictive partner market, and still show that politics affects who people choose to ask for dates.

The effects we show are above and beyond those that exist simply due to restrictive partner markets.

It is a truism that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but there is evidence that it also makes for normal bedfellows.

Research shows that married couples on average share similar political beliefs.

From a research perspective, this study is interesting because, while marriages on average are quite alike in a lot of characteristics, we often don’t know why they’re alike.

If you know people who are not interested in politics, then this strikes me as completely accurate.What do you consider the most important implications of your findings?


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