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Hopefully #Me Too encourages more women to act and deters harassers…Yesterday from Goldman & Ehrlich's Twitter via Twitter Web Client Hollywood Sexual Harassment Allegations May Provide the Final Push for NY Non-Disclosure Agreements Reform Bill…Records related to Air Resources' occupied buildings / labs: move to 625 Broadway; Hemlock Street Automotive Emissions Lab; SUNY East Campus Air Quality Labs; Alternative Fuel Vehicle Research Lab.Documents relating to procedures & standards for analyzing the ambient impact from sources of air pollution.All the paperwork (application, plans, test data, State Environmental Review documents, hearing reports, etc.) required to complete an application and issue or deny a Uniform Procedures Permit.

These consist of Commissioner Policies and Pollution Prevention Program Policies.

Guidance documents; interdepartmental procedures & correspondence; briefing documents, committees / teams / commissions - reports and minutes; policy directives; space allocations; Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) / Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs).

Records relative to public outreach activities in support of program initiatives: event planning, logistics, volunteers, evaluations, regarding Department events; annual public outreach work plan; MS state partnership grants; and Communication and Education Committees (i.e., OTC, NESCAUM, NESCCAF).

Background material, programming and systems information, training material, and correspondence related to DEC's Department Application Review Tracking System which is the Department's automated permit tracking system. Draft environmental reports, applications to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), DEC conditions for licenses and exemptions, Water Quality Certifications. Correspondence, reports, proposals, studies and Environmental Impact Statements on projects DEC does not issue a permit for, e.g.

Barge Canal, Great Lakes, Coastal Zone Mgt., State Historic Preservation Act, DOT projects, APA projects, sewer, power plants, gas and electric transmission lines, prisons, emergency response and local government projects.

For ease of review, the Department's subject matter list is organized by program area. Agency records documenting responses to a major disaster, including such records as photographs, press clippings, property damage reports, records of emergency response, summary reports of personal injuries, records relating to demolition and new construction, and correspondence.


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