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Singles will especially love Belfast for its more than 40 parks and gardens, as well as for its vibrant nightlife including various pubs, bars and clubs offering the perfect opportunity to meet the love of your life.

Since cricket is the fastest growing sport in the country, singles will find numerous opportunities to meet with their new match on a fun date for a challenging game or simply watch a match together in the stadium.

Hotels tend to calculate their rates based on double occupancy and the supplement is a way to recoup their costs.

However, it doesn't always seem fair to those of us who, either out of necessity or choice, sleep alone and who don't want to pay extra for the privelege!

For singles preferring a romantic walk instead, Northern Ireland offers over 125 miles of coastline and beachfront, making it an ideal destination for a picnic for two.

Offering a diversity of activities ranging from sports to exciting cities and an overwhelming landscape, Northern Ireland is an ideal place to meet interesting people and, maybe to find the love of your life.

At Custom House Square, singles can enjoy street entertainment and free concerts all year round, dancing to your favourite song with your new match.


There was a separate incident near the villages of Kok-Tash and Chorkuh in August 2015.

You should continue to take extra care, monitor the local media and check this advice regularly.


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    Melany Kiss will be the one in charge of completing this particular threesome. Her long silky blonde hair frames a classical face with a mischievous cock craving smile.

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