Is ariel lin and joe cheng dating

“I also want to give my time over to important people [in my life],” Lin told reporters, pointing out that her priorities in life have changed a lot since she made her showbiz debut at 18.Apart from her career plans, Lin, who is currently dating a man named Zhen Jia Yao, also revealed that she plans to have a low key wedding, away from the media spotlight.Ruby Lin Xinru ( born January 27, 1976) is a Taiwanese actress, television producer.Ha Ji Won reacts to dating rumors involving Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin Ha Ji Won. Alec Su and Ariel Lin Buddy Up for Police Film “Sweet Alibis”. -his first kiss was lost at his girlfriends rooftop by her!Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng, Jerry Yan, and Wallace Huo (and probably even more.Profession Jiro Wang Actor singer model, Im sorry forget his just.



than Kimi and also doesnt have any dating experience (like Liu Wen) but.

Well I know she sang "Lonely northern Hemisphere" for Love Contract and she sang the song "practical joke" in place of the original singer at a concert but I don't think she has any albums..least dramawiki says she doesn'[email protected] as far as I know she won a beauty competition in Taipeh and this way became an actress. n she realli realli knows how to actlike u see her in these news clips n she acts so elegant and sophisticated(btw, i heard she's realli smart too)n then u see her play clutsy in iswak.. i watched her in secret garden and then I saw the Making Off. Hi, I just put this file in the Love Contract and ISWAK forum. She stood out from other Taiwan actresses, I think she is gorgeous and has beautiful complexion, that's the first thing I notice about her. The characters in played ISWAK and Love Contract were complete opposites. that drama`s got to be the WORST drama i have ever seen. BTW: Ariel must be really good in this flick, she was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for the best actress for starring in "Love Me If You Can".


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