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I think for a lot of people, you want to let things out and put it out and leave it there. I guess those are just an accumulation of songs I wrote when I was feeling sad. While tickets to her national tour are sold out, fans in Virginia might be lucky enough to catch a show. Nature and literal elements aside (which I'm already very tied to and inspired by), the idea of the basic elements of life really struck me. Family, love, loss, beginnings and endings, past and future.A lot of life has happened since the last album, and I've grown and learned a lot about myself and what's important to me.She would personally respond to fan mail in her videos and animate some of her songs with stick figure drawings and sticky notes. "The Fire," "Dear River," "Write It In The Sky," and so on, and the word "elements" came to mind.coming out May 6 is currently available for pre-order. The more I thought about it, the more the word resonated with me.


We walk outside and call our families with the news, tears and relief and disbelief painting our faces. At midnight on December 23rd, after being escorted through the airport by immigration officials, our passports are returned to us at our gate. In fact, Grannis’ post ends with a list of “25 Things I Learned From Being Trapped in Jakarta for 100 Days”, all positive points that include She even managed to channel the sadness and heartache from her ordeal into two songs she wrote while she was here, “California”, which you can listen to in the video above, and “For Now”, both of which you can download now from i Tunes.

I really like food, so I didn’t want to be starving as I got older.

Your last album Only You had a lot of lovelorn songs on it. I write all kinds of music, but I write more when I’m depressed or whatever (laughs). I’m just working on that and getting my songs down. Are you and frequent collaborator Kina Grannis dating?

We manage a troubled sleep that night, with no idea what’s going on.

The next day, the tour promoters (the people that invited us out to Asia and are in charge of the tour) assure us that the issue is nearly resolved and that we’ll be flying out to our next stop in Taiwan that night.

I think because of that my songwriting has matured a bit.


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    EST on NBC with a joke in the final scene featuring a red baseball cap in the Oval Office and a slogan “Make America Gay Again.” This was the final shot — in an episode full of them — at Trump’s White House. The show had 10.2 million viewers and, according to Deadline, had was the highest-rated show since “The Office” finale in 2013. It wasn’t the first to feature gay characters as members of the main cast, but its success was seen as groundbreaking.

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