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This matchmaking service is designed for the busy working professional who wants to date but doesn't have the time to invest in going to parties or bars in order to find someone special.

Once you join this service, you are given a confidential interview over the phone or at one of the It's Just Lunch offices.

There is a possibility that the information provided here is outdated or wrong, please check with the service directly for the most recent information.

As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service.

When asked to negotiate an additional date based on the last match lied on his profile (he reported business manager and he was actually hourly construction worker), they said I was introduced so it counts.


After the date, you are asked to call It's Just Lunch to give them feedback.Highly disappointed in this site- the "dates" they set you up with don't match the profile presented, their customer service response time is poor.


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    The download status will be displayed directly on the chart if Global Settings This is the most common reason for an initial delay with Intraday chart bar updating.

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    Share This Matapos ang isang linggong honeymoon sa Boracay ay nagbalik na sila Brian at Joanne sa Maynila upang bumalik na sa kanilang trabaho. Share This Matapos malaman na may nararamdaman pa sila sa isat isa ay muli nilang binuhay ang kanilang relasyon. Minsan nanonood ng sine at kung minsan naman kumakain sa mga gusto nilang kainan, sa karinderia.

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    I hope it’ll help you in finding a Japanese partner.

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