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” Apparently, Hannah was intent on marrying only President Chou!

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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan were caught by the media while on a vacation in France in 2011.

Currently, Jay is 34 and Hannah is 20 this year (2013).

In 2011, though the couple still did not confirm their relationship, they were seen together on numerous occasions and were even photographed in France, with Chou’s arm around Hannah.

By 2013, Jay and Hannah were no longer hiding their relationship.

Notably, among Jay Chou’s past girlfriends, Hannah is the youngest and the one who has stayed with him the longest. According to Apple Daily, the proposal occurred during one of their stays in England: Jay Chou had carefully arranged the moment, there were fireworks in the sky, he knelt down to one knee for the big question, and Hannah’s answer, of course, was, .

And while there was no love at first sight, Chou has said that Hannah nevertheless made an impression on him.

The couple has not spoken much about how their relationship developed, but within a year after their first meeting, Jay has cast Hannah in the initial cut of the music video for his song “How Are You”.

Yesterday, a netizen revealed that on October 9, Jay and Hannah were spotted shopping in the Shibuya district of Japan, which matched the time frame of Jay’s mother’s photo taken in the Harajuku district.

Apparently, the trio had indeed taken a vacation to Japan together!It was revealed earlier that 32-year-old Jay Chou (周杰伦) and 18-year-old girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌), went on vacation in France and Japan.



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