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Nobody will deny that Latvia has a lot of incredibly sexy girls.Although Riga has been known as very popular sex tourism destination, this is no longer the case.Be wary of young attractive girls on Līvu Square asking you to join them for a drink in a nearby bar.You’ll be shocked to discover later that the barely palatable bottle of wine you bought them costs €500 or even more.Overall, unless you are an astute local or expert pick-up artist.One of the biggest disagreement reasons is extended on prostitution in Riga.

There are some nice places for adult fun, but Riga escorts are probably more popular among mongers.Sex industry is rather developed in Latvia, although the myth about Thailand on the Baltic shores and cheap sex widely available is a considerable exaggeration.The growth of the local tourism industry has created countless new jobs for Latvians, but it has also spawned another lucrative trade, which seems to be inevitable in Eastern Europe – scams and rip-offs.By law of Latvia third-party involvement is prohibited to organize prostitution, so running a brothel and PIMP is a criminal activity in Latvia.


The law cannot condemn individual prostitute if she is not giving her services in a self-representing brothel or with intermediation of PIMP.

Latvia is simply not a best choice for sex tourism.


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