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KG: My mother had tears of joy [for me] to be able to go and present a movie at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. I told them that there's going to be a lot of love scenes in this movie and it might be strange for you to see it. Most parents have never seen their son with an erection. I shot a movie right before this, which I'm actually presenting here at TIFF, called Stonewall with Roland Emmerich. She was very happy to meet me but didn't want to do the film. So I had him filmed with another girl I was casting from LA and flew them over. And then suddenly everything fell into place for casting.

I told them they could sit this one out if they wanted to. GN: Also, the thing is nowadays everybody knows when you're making a movie you're playing a game. KG: I think my mother was just happy that I was working. I introduced Karl to Aomi, who happened to also be in Paris at that time. Aomi decided she wanted to be a part of it and Karl made a deal with his producer very quickly, jumped on a plane and decided to do it pretty last minute.

When I watched the film, it felt like the love between Electra and Murphy was so passionate, that it sometimes morphed into hate.

You have Murphy scream "you fucking cunt" in an attempt to get Electra back, for instance.

" and she said "that I'm going to be a bad mother to my baby." And I didn't know she said that to him and as we were shooting he yelled that at her.


This movie didn't focus on the issues that destroy couples most nowadays: emails and cellphones that are checked by someone (in the relationship) who is suspicious.GN: That's things people say in real life when they're in love and they turn angry!When you're in love -- you want to protect and be protected. You turn paranoid when you're in that moment of passion.Karl, how was it to shoot these extremely sexual and passionate scenes?


Karl Glusman: Often when you're extremely emotional, you sort of black it all out.KG: I don't want to offend anyone, it's my own personal preference and I don't want to discriminate against anyone's sexual orientation. Every day Gaspar would come to set and say "today is Christmas." And I drew an invisible line when Gaspar screamed on one specific night that "It was New Year's eve" and that's when I got scared. GN: In the film, the couple's relationship is going wrong.


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