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So rock on down to the New London and have yourself some fun.Aled Jones, who will serenade his younger self in The Snowman Show, which opens at the Peacock Theatre, London, on Wednesday.The story of how they were reunited and more (he became Botswana’s first democratically elected president; Ruth his first lady) is related in Amma Assante’s epic A United Kingdom, released next Friday. ‘There’s obviously a lot of racism,’ Pike said, sadly. ‘They were directed to act in American: with an American accent,’ he said.‘What’s the first thing people see, when they look at a poster of me and David? Then director Matthew White explained that the last London production, 20 years ago, which starred Ruthie Henshall and John Gordon Sinclair, was based on a U. One lad — 17-year-old Callum Scott Howells, who ended up landing the part of the delivery boy — was asked to sing in his own voice during rehearsals.


However I’m told extensive re-writes have taken place and it’s now a very different piece.He teaches the kids how rock relates to life and, in the process, he learns things, too. The children who play the schoolkids are beyond all right.They’re brilliant — and provide just as much energy as David Fynn and Gary Trainor (who alternate the role of fake teacher Dewey Finn).She plays Amalia Balash: the shop assistant at the parfumerie in Budapest who begins an epistolary romance with an unknown sweetheart who might be closer than she thinks.

She Loves Me, with music and lyrics by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick and a book by Joe Masteroff (based on Miklos Laszlo’s play) is perhaps best known for a number Amalia sings called Vanilla Ice Cream: a gift for a soprano like Strallen.To my mind, She Loves Me is like being enveloped in a warm embrace.


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