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So I’m glad today is thankful Tuesday because I definitely have a reason to thank God and to be … So I slipped under the radar yesterday which means I didn't or should I say couldn't blog. I'm currently in Chicago for #GLS17 at Willow Creek community church. I've laughed, I've cried, I've been challenged, educated, inspired and wowed … It’s one of my two special days in August Everyone who knows me or even knows about me probably knows by now why August 22 is so special to me. You guessed right it’s because of these two amazing miracles God sent to me. Continue reading Hello mummy Today is day 10 and it's been such a full day for me. Such amazing speakers Bill Hybels Sheryl Sandberg Marcus Lemoni Frederik Haren Michael jr And of course Andy Stanley whom I totally love. It's time for us to kick off our heels and settle into our Chayil Haven. I was sitting in a shuttle bus after a 3 hour flight into Chicago and as we made our way down to … Today I’m doing a combo of Thankful Tuesday and dilemma Tuesday. Continue reading Hey people It’s been just 6 days into September and I already have too much to be grateful for. So today is just me putting up a picture that’s special to me. Register here for JUGN Conference Hurry and Register now. It’s not compulsory but a little birdie told me there’s something special for those who wear … Today is just a celebratory post no great revelation except to take an active part in the joys of others. Today has been a constant reminder of how grateful we should be for this great nation.

You will have to apologize even if you are not the one wrong -sometimes you will just have to be the peace maker. Continue reading Hey Ladies and all the guys that like checking the blog out.. Continue reading Hey Everyone, It’s testimony Tuesday!!! And there are so many exciting games, freebies and stuff for the married folks.. Continue reading Hey mummies I had a very full day today talking about my waiting journey on Wazobia max TV and 99.3fm Naija Info with @oliveemordi and @ayothompson. Continue reading Hey ladies Last week I felt the need to have us kick off our heels, loosen our body shapers, throw back our heads (wigs falling…) and laugh… So today let me share with you another secret that’s been helpful for me.

My God I just realized I have my days all mixed up. Which means I did a thankful Tuesday rather than a post for wives yesterday. Continue reading Hey people I'm back and it's day 2. For some funny reason I started off this post singing in my head. That way I can actually search my heart to know if it’s really … It’s been ages 😁 I’ve missed you guys but then again life just happens.

I’m going to just go with the flow and correct this tomorrow and then … But you see, usually before I do a blog post I would play it over in my heart then think it through in my head before I actually put any words down.

Okay so this morning (it’s like 4am right now) I’m here for my yummy mummies. Love was in the air definitely as our theme for the month was relationship based. We even had a kissing bug going round sticking people so they had to kiss their spouses.

Continue reading Hey people Honestly I should be asleep but for some reason my eyes are still shining brightly so instead of trying to force myself to sleep I may as well put this to good use. It’s been a very hectic but extremely rewarding month in DCC. For those that know her, you know she's her father's daughter through and through and before you can get her to sleep … So I'm both proud of myself and extremely pleased that she's snoring softly at 10pm and it's not a school night.


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